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I love the term BIPOC. It tells you clearly who really matters, who matters a little bit, who matters conditionally, as long as they stay in line and keep their heads down and shut up, and who doesn't matter - all in sequential order! It is also interesting to watch the great unPOCing start to unfold.

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I very much appreciate your insight and perspective, Sheluyang. Thank you for putting so much time and thought into your Substack. As a veteran of the Bloomberg and de Blasio administrations, it is fascinating to watch the demographic shift in New York City politics.

I’m very glad that a Ross Barkan recommendation led me to your Substack.

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I just landed here almost by accident, and I'm glad I did. All of it is astute, funny writing. One of the best I've substackers I've come across lately.

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I think your photo of the Filipina nurse is wrong— there was one who was attacked in front of a building and she survived (the security guard just say there watching).. the other Filipina attacked in TSQ was ran into and knocked over and she died.

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Got one paragraph into DSA class unity link before seeing something too illogical to comprehend: “our call to discipline rogue DSA representative Jamaal Bowman for his flirtations with Zionism.” Poor Rep. Bowman isn’t even progressive enough for DSA!

Solid insight & fair to opposition; rare in political analysis. Agreed on advice to Dems to avoid J6 & abortion in attracting this voting group by and large, but VA-10 an interesting case study in how it isn’t ironclad.

Hung Cao ran as R with inspiring story - S. Vietnam refugee & Navy Vet - in heavily South Asian immigrant district. But he said such batshit crazy stuff about January 6(“these are my people! Set them free!”) and abortion that he turned off enough voters to lose a 21.8% Asian district.

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> these Asians weren’t attacked by white supremacists shouting “This is MAGA country”. Most of the suspects were non-white themselves.

That sentence screams cowardice and complicity to me. The vast majority of the people attacking Asians are blacks. You refuse to acknowledge this. I realize that you're writing using your real name and you need to tread carefully so as to not get cancelled.

Everybody who has watched videos of the attacks (and who come into contact with blacks often) know who are doing most of the violence. People can recognize patterns even if elites refuse to acknowledge said patterns in public.

Blacks (and Arabs) are also doing most of the violence against NYC's Jewish community. The NYT refuse to print crime numbers compiled by the Anti-Defamation League. That's also complicity.

One last thing: Why is "white" not capitalized while "Black" is capitalized?

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Thanks for this article. It makes a lot of great points about how and why Democrats are losing Chinese and Korean Americans in NYC, and I hope more Dem establishment members read this and incorporate the lessons mentioned.

However, I think you might be undermining your own argument by misrepresenting the claims that that opponents of the SHSAT are making. The argument for abolishing the SHSAT is not to punish Asians - it's that the system clearly fails in giving Black and Latino students access to the highest quality education in the city, as evidenced by the low Black/Latino enrollment numbers. The process is not achieving a socially desired effect, which is having a student body at the top of the NYC public school system that somewhat proportionally represents the city.

Ultimately, this boils down to a question about distribution of resources. More people would like to go to Stuy and the SHS's than there are seats available. New York needs to figure out a way to allocate those limited seats. An exam is one way, so is offering seats to the top 7% of high school students, so is defining a minimum score for the SHSAT to qualify for admission, with those who clear that score being entered into a lottery for admission.

That is, the argument is that the current process of allocating scarce resources is racially discriminatory because it's resulting in a disproportionately low rate of Black and Latino enrollment, and that another system of allocating scarce resources might result in a better allocation of seats.

To clarify, my discussion of the merits of the SHSAT does not negate the overarching point - which is that the Democrats perceived view on the SHSAT is contributing to Asian voters switching to the Republican party. Politics is about perception, and I think that claim makes sense.

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Why don't Chinese Americans care about abortion rights? Do their maintain their low fertility levels without resorting to abortions or do they just think that abortion bans in some other state far away is not their problem?

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